Anthony grew up in Paris
while Monique spent her childhood on a farm in Oregon, dreaming about France. It was in college that she finally fulfilled her dream. While traveling throughout Europe, she became enamored with France which led to a student exchange program where she met Anthony in a cafe and they married soon after.

For the past four years, Monique had been teaching Sustainable Living on a Budget workshops in the Portland, Oregon area. In between home schooling her two daughters and practicing yoga, Monique can be found perusing the stalls at the local farmer markets, picking arugula or peas from her garden, harvesting honey from her bee hives or in the kitchen perfecting her souffle recipe.

Anthony leads a software engineering team for a startup in the Portland area. He enjoys playing bass and wood turning in his spare time.

Monique and Anthony have traveled throughout the Loire valley for many years since, visiting family vineyards, castles, open air markets and in the process finding many off-the-beaten-path treasures.  They look forward to sharing what they have found with you.

We believe in treading lightly on the planet and we make it a priority to support sustainable practices throughout the tour.

About Monique & Anthony